Holidays & Study Period

Better late than never, I guess.

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful Christmas and now the new year is approaching fast.
Have fun tonight and lots of luck studying!


Week 13

It’s week thirteeeeeeeeen.

This week we all start crying and studying and oh yeah, drinking our worries away. Because Fak.

You can find us @ fak on Sunday Evenings (that’s tonight yeey) and Wednesday Afternoon! A little bird also told me there would be a free keg and free cookies.

Good luck!

Week 12

Week 12, everyone. 2 to go!

This week you can:


In the last week we man the Fak at Sunday evening and Wednesday afternoon! Don’t come crying if you missed it!

Make sure you also come to ‘de tijdloze’ @ fak!

Week 11

Saint Nicholas is in Belgium this week and so is a week full of new activities!

This week, Eoos will be manning (womanning?) the bar on Sunday Evening and Wednesday Afternoon. Yay!

Those who aren’t tired by then, can always come show their vocal skills (or lack thereof) at our karaoke night!

Look ahead

Next week it’s time for Christmas croquettes

Eoos International is going Ice Skating

!!I come back from Erasmus!!


Week 10

On Tuesday you can go to the debate in the ‘My land, Your land‘ series.

Wednesday brings a fakbartocht (pub crawl)!


Next week christmas croquettes.

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