Week 5: Walking, running, jumping

New week, new post.

This week’s plans for you:



Sneak peek

  • Next week, Eoos’s first culture trip will take place!
    • You can already register here
  • Today (Sunday) is your last chance to register for Eoos’s culture trip in the week after exams in February.

Week 4: Eoos(tern) week!


From tonight on, it’s eoos(tern) week! This means that Eoos is trying even harder, organizing even more, preparing even more food and that it deserves even more applause than it normally does!



  • The classic opening reception of our party week. Swing by for a free cava and a bite to eat!



  • Food sale: Pierogi
  • Sake cantus – for those who have always wanted to try sake and/or just thought it high time for the first eoos cantus of the year! (I’m not crying you’re crying)
    Register here!



  • Food sale: SushiThe classic in eoos terms. Extra hugs are welcome!
  • Schachtenverkoop – click to register
  • Partyyyyy! Theme: thousand and one … word joke doesn’t work here, sad.. 🙁

Thursday the 26th Eoos baptizes their ‘schachten’ (why do I even translate this, this sounds weird) Register here.

1 November Eoos is going on its first culture trip. Register here!

Week 3: Kickstart the semester!

Dear Eoos,

If you were wondering how to enjoy yourself this week, I’ve got it:

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday 10/10), Eoos’s Godparents evening takes place. First year students can get a godparent who’ll be able to give them all kinds of tips & tricks about studying and student life in general. Do recommend!
  • Right after you can kickstart (eau the pun) your academic year. Alfa & Eoos are organizing their annual Kickstart TD in De Blauwe Kater!

Other things:

Sneak peek to next week: rumor has it that it’s Eoosterse week and there’s a lot of fun stuff to do!

Go forth and kickstart your year!

Week 2

Welcome in week 2! Hopefully, you(r livers) survived welcome week and you’re not too stressed yet.

  • On Tuesday, we are organizing a board games night. Organized for international students, but home students are of course welcome as well!
  • Thursday is a busy one:
  • Friday is the beginning of the weekend, but not just any weekend; it’s welcome weekend for our first years.

To close off with, a little look into the future:

Ground Zero: Welcome to the new academic year!

First and foremost: welcome to the new academic year! Hopefully everyone survived their summer and resits good & well, so we can start the new school year in high spirits.

The new academic year of course starts off with a welcome week, during which we make sure that new students can get to know the city and their colleagues. The first years and the other students will also get plenty of opportunity to socialize and everyone will have enough time to pick up their books at the course service.

  • Getting to know the city is done best during the city game on Tuesday evening. It’s free and you can register here.
  • Later that week, on Thursday, our cocktail party will take place. During this, you’ll discover that the permanency is more than just the location of the course service. This place can be good fun!
  • Also worth mentioning: books, courses and other stuff! The course service will be open many hours during the first week of term, but beware: there will possibly be some queues if everyone comes at once.


And that wraps up week 1. Of course, we will be available for all your questions, however big or small they seem to you. Some random tips & tricks:

  • Go to your classes/meetings on time, so you’ll still be there in due time if you get lost.
  • 91 Is the basement of a building (nobody knows why)
  • Saving money is best done through preparing your own food and by eating on food sales of student unions instead of buying a sandwich every day!


And, zum Schluss, a look into the future:

For the first years we organize a welcome weekend after week 2. Register here!



* This also means that parts of the website will be under construction in the coming month to ensure all information is up to date again.

Petition Dutch Egyptology and ANE studies

A further reduction of similar studies in our neighboring country: not a good idea?

Sign the petition!

Eoos keeps studying

Can’t take all the studying and the exams anymore? Go to SOS Blok’s event for some light in these dark, dark times!

Eoos is studying

Good luck studying & good luck with your exams!



On Monday, it’s time for the last General Meeting of the year, where every Eoos-student or -sympathizer will be welcome.

Wednesday is the day we clean out stock at our last food sale. Expect grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta and who knows what else 😉


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