Week 19th – 24th of March

A new week, a new overview! This week we will mostly be entertaining you at the beginning of the week, so make sure you’re up to speed!


  • Tomorrow is our AV, our General Meeting. Are you interested in what Eoos does, do you want to have a look into the inner workings of a function or do you have some questions? Surely come over then!


  • On Tuesday it’s time for the Job event of the Faculty of Arts. Enrolling is advised, more info on that can be found through the Facebook event. It promises to be a useful day on which you can get more insight in your job opportunities.
    • And oh, if you’re there anyway, come by for some Spring Rolls. We’re having a food sale then! 🙂
  • Tuesday also brings us a board-games evening by team Sports. Think sports. For everyone who likes to win, who can’t handle their losses or just likes to see someone else play a game; whichever one you are, you’re welcome to join us!


  • This Wednesday, like every week, we will be manning de fak. This week we will be manning the bar in the evening, so please come by for a drink, to have a chat or to dance the night away!

Week 12-17th March

Look, there’s busy weeks and then there’s weeks that just explode. This is one of the latter.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday brings us Eoos’ animation film week. This year respectively Brave, Spirited Away & Up.

In the meantime there’s also going to be a volleyball match against Medica!

Wednesday is Eoos’ afternoon @ fak and Thursday is finally the day on which we organize a cantus. The theme of this cantus is ‘Thrift Shop’, so maybe it’s time to visit Think Twice? (#notspon). Register here for the cantus.

In the spirit of sharing for friends, two last things:

Here’s to a great week!

Ithaka Arts Festival

Ithaka Arts Festival is here again 🙂

Ithaka is a free arts festival with art, music, workshops, a bar & parties 🙂

More info? Check facebook or the Ithaka site.


Every year the iCare week is organized to thank volunteers throughout Leuven.

You can find more information on the Facebook event.

Week 26 February – 3 March

Wups, March has arrived already.

This week there’s two afternoons @ fak, a movie and a food sale @ LOKO.

Bring it on!

Jobevent Arts

Dear almost-graduates iiiiekk

The faculty of Arts is organizing a job event especially for you. There will be various workshops, lectures and the opportunity to network; all things that can greatly contribute to the exploration of opportunities for your first job!

For practical reasons you are asked to register through this link.

You can find all the information here.


Week 19-25 February

Dear Eoos,

We’ve been back for a week and hopefully this means that you’ve had the following:

  • a new bunch of books
  • a nice night with friends
  • a good bite to eat
  • a beer @ fak
  • a game you’ve won

No? Oh. But! Then I’ve got good news: for all of these things you’ve got another opportunity this week.

A new bunch of books

You can go to the course service on Monday and Wednesday this week. Have a look at the opening hours at the bottom of the site. You can also buy secondhand books for a nice price this week!

A nice night with friends

You’d best plan this on Tuesday. Eoos is organizing a quiz and past quizzes have been very nice and cozy. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of different rounds to gain points with, so you don’t need any super specific knowledge or something. It mostly is a fun way to test your knowledge.

A good bite to eat

This you do on Wednesday, at our food sale! This time we sell homemade waffles with powdered sugar or whipped cream (or nothing) Hmmmnomnomnom.

A beer @ fak

This is a double opportunity. Ór you come to our evening @ fak Wednesday, ór you relocate a room further and come to our party. Those who dress up get one free cocktail/mocktail. SO MANY OPTIONS.

A game to win

Will be there on Thursday. Fak is organizing a province drinking contest. You can battle with the other provinces and help yours to victory! This will be a taster for the language drinking contest happening later this semester.

PS. Didn’t get a hold of the Eoos Express? It’s online now!

Secondhand books

Secondhand books will be available through the course service this week. This is the last opportunity to get them.

Have a look here to see which books are available.


Levensloop Leuven

Levensloop Leuven is organizing a contest for students. Create your own video and compete for great prizes, like laser shooting in Leuven for 16 people! More information can be found here.

Secondhand book market

Hey you!

Looking for ways to save some money on your books for the second semester? Or do you want to make someone else happy with your used books? Then stop by at Eoos’ secondhand book market!

For the sellers

You can bring in your used books and decide on the price yourself!
Books can be brought in on:

  • Monday 13/02 from 8u till 18u
  • Tuesday 14/02 from 10u till 20u
  • Wednesday 15/02 from 9u till 17u

You bring your books to Eoos’s perma on one of these dates. Eoos’s perma is located above Fakbar Letteren. The permanence is accessible during Fak opening hours or through the ‘white’ red door.

Afterwards we will let you know if your book has been sold and on which dates you can stop by to round everything up.

For the buyers

You can buy secondhand books on:

  • Thursday 16/02 from 17u till 20u

The book sale takes place in LETT 02.16. We bring all available books so make sure you stop by while supplies last! After Thursday we’ll provide you with more information on which books are still available.

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